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Although KalibrGun models are great straight out the box we have still found room for a lot of improvement.  We cover all Models:

Cricket,  Cricket 11 (all models)   Tactical  Argus   Capybara Ocelot Pistol


We offer a complete strip down and overhaul that will improve the shot count, consistency, smoothness of the action and ensure the rifle is preforming at its best.

What’s carried out:


  • * Rifle is completely striped down and all parts checked and machining improved.


  • The regulator is completely disassemble, polished, inspected, sealed changed and set to desired reg pressure ( calibre, barrel length and power dependent).


  • * Barrel is inspected and re-crowned both breach and muzzle end if necessary

  • * Internals such as trigger sears, hammer assembly, pellet probe, block, valve rod polished to a high standard ensuring action smoothness.


  • * Trigger assembley and connecting rod is smoothed 1st and 2nd stages are set to your preference.

  • * Regulator and valve are stripped down, modified, set and balanced to reduce hammer bounce and give maximum shot count / consistency.

  • * Magazine realise catch  modification to make loading easier and a 1 handed operation.

  • * Rifle is rebuilt with new seal kit ensuring every part is properly fitted, adjusted, tested for accuracy and performance then fine tuned. Power is set to desired Ft.Lbs

  • * Rifle is issued with detailed invoice of works carried out and test results sheet.

           £135.00 plus P&P

We managed to get the standard deviation (StdDev) down to just 01.73 over 14 shots   - 03.46 on 56 shots with our last project for Mike Taylor from Ashford, Kent.

A few words from Mike:

Sent my pride and joy to Adam of airrifletech which was hard to be without but it was not gone long and I must say any rifle I get in the future will be straight to A.R.T for him to work his magic I now consider this to be a vital upgrade to any rifle before even considering bipod silencer of case I know now any errors in my shot placement are down to me I sent him a rifle and it returned a laser can't thank this gentleman enough he's a real star and genius and defiantly my go to guy



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