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  • Barry Dawson (Thursday, February 03 22 02:06 pm GMT)

    I have a Falcon Raptor that requires service. I pass by your address quite often on my way to Ramsgate, where I usually spend 3 days or so. Is it possible to drop off the rifle and pick it up in such a timescale? I would like to save the postage and eliminate the risk.

  • David Oldham (Monday, March 15 21 08:16 pm GMT)

    Very efficient service. Very pleased with the result.

  • David Oldham (Monday, March 15 21 08:14 pm GMT)

    Very efficient service. Very pleased with the result.

  • Malcolm (Tuesday, November 17 20 03:04 pm GMT)

    Fast turnaround, great job done. Recommend!

  • Malcolm (Tuesday, November 17 20 03:01 pm GMT)

    Fast turnaround, great service and a very good job done. Recommend !

  • Stewart Hallett (Monday, September 28 20 11:30 am BST)

    Morning Adam, i was wondering if you can service my Daystate Air Ranger, seems to not firing every time a cock the trigger, do you accept postal delivery and return? Kind Regards

  • Richard Barnett (Friday, June 07 19 07:57 pm BST)

    Dropped Hw100 off to Adam in not a great shape. Serviced, trigger repair and new cyclinder end machines for me. Adam returned gun in post and have zeroed in. Shooting fantastic would recommend and definitely use again.
    Cheers Adam great job

  • John Britton (Thursday, January 17 19 05:36 pm GMT)

    Hi, I was thinking of getting a zobria kozak air rifle and wondered if you would be able to do your strip, tune and polish on this regulated gun.
    Regards John

  • Chris Birch (Thursday, November 01 18 03:24 pm GMT)

    Hi Adam .. Cricket all boxed up ready to mail to you but - I cannot find your address on here - help? Thankyou, Chris Birch (01872) 863305.

  • David Barber (Saturday, October 06 18 03:04 pm BST)

    It's a late review as the work was done a few months ago. I sent my Kral puncher breaker on the recommendation of a forum chat. I had a chat with Adam and decided to have a regulator fitted and a full tube including the trigger. Now I didn't pay alot for the gun so with the price of the work Adam has done it's still less than the price of a new Kral. The gun is now shooting like a gun twice the price and more. The trigger is never going to be match quality but Adam has made it as close as it's going to get and I like how it feels. Adam is a wizard with how he can change/improve a gun and my Compatto will be going to him very soon... Cheers Adam.

  • MARTIN EWINS (Monday, August 13 18 05:10 pm BST)

    There is only one man for Air Rifles and that's Adam Taylor, he's skill and nohow is amazing.

  • Michael Lyon (Friday, June 29 18 04:08 pm BST)

    I had an R10 with low power and fluctuations in power. Looked into possible problems on forums. Adams name came up, checked his site out. Great reviews! Hours drive handed over the gun. Adam told me what was wrong straight away! Stripped it down in front of me and did some diagnostic pressure checks..…few days later collected the gun. What a difference. This R10 has never been this good! The man is a genius!! I can highly recommend Adam he certainly is a master of his craft.

  • CRAIG PHILLIPS (Thursday, May 31 18 07:16 pm BST)

    please Adam could u service my AIR RANGER not used a lot but noticed now its losing pressure,also the trigger is still a little heavy and seems to b underpowered .
    i would like the power set at 11.5 pounds please

  • Gordon (Monday, April 09 18 03:10 pm BST)

    Adam serviced and tuned my Daystate Air Ranger and it now shoots better than ever. I personally delivered/collected my rifle and I have to say what a pleasure it was to meet with Adam. This man knows exactly what he is talking about and, in my opinion, is one of very few craftsmen that I am happy to recommend. Thanks for a great service Adam.

  • Lew Denman (Tuesday, March 27 18 07:53 am BST)

    Question ; How do you improve a Theoben Rapid 7,
    Answer ; Give it to Adam .

    Adam you are a Wizard this Rapid is so silky smooth now im going to sell my other guns they just don't compare (well some of them )
    Thanks again Adam.

  • Lew (Monday, February 19 18 02:12 pm GMT)

    Stripped and rebuilt my mint condition BSA superten and kept it all original,what a craftsman it now shoots so sweet and smooth and remember this gun is over 30 years old,
    Adam your a legend.

  • Nick (Sunday, March 19 17 06:47 pm GMT)

    I met Adam today to collect my Daystate rifle that he had been working on and I can honestly say you couldn't meet a more pleasant, genuine guy. He spent a lot of time explaining what he had done and why. His knowledge, passion for airguns and enthusiasm is immense. I can't recommend him or his services more!! First class - would thoroughly recommend him to anyone wanting their rifle serviced or repaired. Thanks Adam

  • Ashley Methven (Wednesday, January 04 17 06:52 pm GMT)

    Had a rare window of opportunity to get out and field test Kayleigh after having her A.R.T. tune! As all I have been able to do recently is punch paper, and all I can say is that the manufacturer has done a splendid out the box job with the rifle, but you really do need a man such as Adam Taylor to finish it off! It now feels and responds exactly how I need it to!
    When I met him to hand over my pride and joy it was like handing over a child to the bogeyman! But after a few minutes of chat it became abundantly clear he knew what he was talking about, he asked me a multitude of questions, trying to extract the information he required.
    When I picked up the rifle a few weeks later he invited me into his lovely house and walked to his laboratory! My rifle was in pieces, and he talked me through everything! Most of which went in one ear and out the other!
    My trigger is amazballz!! As he as totally striped polished and honed it into an extension of the finger! No mean feat for a push rod mechanism, even with gloves I can feel when second stage is reached,
    I would like to say that my catch mod is welcomed but I keep forgetting to use it!
    De-pinged and tuned my regulator,
    Filled and colour matched a error drill hole which is completely invisible,
    Modded my bipod to prevent scars on my stock and removed and colour matched aforementioned scars!
    And a host of other bits and bobs!
    The rifle has been turned into the rifle it should be! No joke!
    Many thanks to you Adam!
    The rabbits are not so grateful however!!

  • Mike Pattinson (Friday, September 16 16 12:29 pm BST)

    Purchased a Brocock Concept .22 and although it seemed ok a few checks revealed it wasn't. Contacted Adam and let him work his magic.

    Got back what performed like a different gun. Very consistant even shots. Almost thought it was regulated.

    That pleased sent him my Concept Elite .177 to service and tune.

    Recommend him to anyone.

  • Dave (Friday, June 10 16 12:57 pm BST)

    When it comes to servicing and repairing air rifles you will not get better than Adam. He is also very competitive on price and a great guy to chat to.

  • Mike taylor (Friday, June 03 16 09:38 pm BST)

    Std deviation of 01.73 over 14 shots 10.34 jsb unsorted pellets on cricket buzzing pulsar was 05.09 still gotta find its pellet I think or force Adam to look at it as much as it hurts his eyes ? you
    love a pulsar over wildcat ?

  • simon heathfield (Monday, May 23 16 07:26 pm BST)

    Again Adam you have gone beyond and above what I expected before my leak the hw100 Ks .177 was very good after the leak and you got your hands on it it's superb can't thank you enough and the shot to
    shot read out that came back with it an added bonus your a genius

  • Mike (Friday, May 06 16 09:41 pm BST)

    Sent my cricket to Adam for him to play with and he did a perfect job didn't waist time replacing or selling me parts that were not needed adjusted reg recrowned barrel tuned and polished then
    wrapped and what a rifle I got back top genuine bloke can't recommend highly enough get your rifles to him lads before everyone realises how good he is and he's to busy ?

  • Richard tilley (Thursday, April 21 16 11:06 am BST)

    Had my bsa ultra se regulated and tuned by Adam all round nice guy and top notch service rifles better than it ever was and at a reasonable price would recommend to anyone ??????

  • Terry gower (Tuesday, January 19 16 11:41 pm GMT)

    Took my hw100 in as wasn't shooting...6 days later it had been stripped down, cleaned, polished and serviced with new o rings and now shoots better than it ever did, very smooth,, top job.
    Fast and affordable service.
    A+ service..
    Terry gower

  • jamie bryan (Tuesday, January 19 16 05:42 pm GMT)

    I want to start by saying great service and an even better price.

    I don't like anyone playing with my guns except me, they are my babies and like an extension of me.. sad I know, but your reading this because your the same ;) so when it came to having work done I
    didn't want them going to your run of the mill shop to be treated as just another hunting tool; they are soo much more than that! So that's where uk came into play, fast,
    inexpensive friendly service and more important to me they treat your guns as if they were their own & with the highest level of care.

    P.s staff are always willing to help and share their knowledge

  • Simon Heathfield (Tuesday, January 19 16 05:41 pm GMT)

    I purchased a second hand s510 in ok condition but wasn't happy with a few small marks on the cylinder and stock it also needed a service so I contacted Adam Taylor at Airifletech explained what I
    wanted done the price he quoted was great so dropped my S510 off to him a week later after texts and pictures of progress my rifle was back better than ever I would recommend his services to anyone
    thanks again Adam

  • Ben Hyland (Tuesday, January 19 16 05:13 pm GMT)

    Was having some problems with my s510 so I contacted Adam from air rifle tech and within a week my rifle was returned and shooting better than ever after being tuned, polished and additional parts
    fitted. The work was brilliant and he also made a very good job of wrapping my barrel. Adam was friendly to talk to and very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone

  • James Jefferies (Tuesday, January 19 16 05:10 pm GMT)

    I contacted Adam as I dropped my daughters bsa ultra mmc and caused a bit of damage and thought he was the man to go to as he sorted my other gun .. He replaced the breach block. Transfer port put a
    new inlet valve in gave it a full service a new magazine holding rod .. A full strip clean and polish came back like new and my daughter was over the moon with it .. And was smooth as silk to use
    Thanks Adam for saving my skin ?

    Bsa ultra mmc
    Canterbury Kent

  • Ray Graham (Tuesday, January 19 16 12:48 am GMT)

    I had 3 rifles all of which needed a service and reseal, one airarms s310, airarms S410 and a very rare carreer 707 took them to adam taylor of Air Rife Tech and he did a fantastic job , I had them
    back in just over a week all firing on point and bang on, also he actually delivered them back too me, great service, would highly recommend. And a really helpful and friendly fella too do business

    Sheppy Kent

  • James Jefferies (Tuesday, January 19 16 12:45 am GMT)

    I had a problem with my evanix Windy City so contacted Adam Taylor and explained my problem he then arranged to come collect as I didn't live far from him .. He is a nice friendly man and really
    knows his stuff ... A week later he returned my gun to me and explained what he did .. A full strip clean de-grease and polish of the internals and a full strip and re-build of the valve block too it
    come back absolutely spot on .. Even when my local shop were scratching there heads at it ...
    Thanks Adam

    Evanix Windy City

    Canterbury Kent

  • Stuart Raymond Bourne (Tuesday, January 19 16 12:43 am GMT)

    Desperate to go out for a shoot! Leaky seals on my S410. Great! Got in contact with Adam in the morning and the gun was back my tea, full service tune and some complimentary carbon! good craftsman
    who realy knows his stuff. Highly recommend

  • Mike Taylor (Monday, January 18 16 10:28 pm GMT)

    Bought the new kt-la in .177 and .22 then proceeded to put a .22 pellet in .177 and rammed her home then the panic set in got onto air tech straight away and already was put at ease with the friendly
    and syphathetic Adam who had my riffle back to me sorted no damage as new within two hours of first purchasing rifle top service excellent gunsmith highly recommend and will be using again for any
    repairs or tuning



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